Why Gibson

For centuries, Gibson has been manufacturing HVAC products and providing high-quality AC units to retailers and customers throughout North America.

Gibson Air Conditioners

Hard working Gibson home air conditioners offer peak performance at a price suited for any budget and need.


A powerful home air conditioner is going to be your best friend when temperatures soar. Not only that, but each Gibson air conditioner is durable and designed to last for years and years. Each Gibson home air conditioner is solidly built with a durable wire guard that protects the interior components. Not to mention, all units are factory-checked 100% before being shipped and installed in your home – ensuring best practices were used during manufacturing.

Gibson Gas Furnaces

More even temperatures and higher quality air.


Gibson's gas furnaces are manufactured keeping high standards of quality in mind – aided by the uses of Demand Flow Technology™. Each unit is 100% checked to make sure it can withstand all of your heating demands.  While other companies may use random testing to check their units, we check each individual unit and eliminate human error with the use of a computer-automated system.

Gibson Heat Pumps

These hard-working units provide both heating and cooling power.


By selecting a tough Gibson heat pump, you can positively impact your home’s comfort levels. Our heat pump units provide exceptional cooling capabilities during the summer and then are able to reverse the cooling process to provide a more economical solution to spring and fall heating. Each of our heat pumps is built to last and positively impact your wallet through lower up-front costs and efficient performance.


  • 16 seer, up to 9.0 hspf two-stage heat pump
  • 14 seer, up to 8.5 hspf single-stage heat pump

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